Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation that reaches the subconscious and employs guided visualization to help a client alleviate and resolve various life issues. The subconscious is where memories and deep rooted emotions are stored where we can't easily access in our conscious state.


Stress, anxiety, self esteem, confidence, pain management, motivation, bad habits, addiction, sleep, trauma, past life regression, career, and much more.


1. Hypnosis is sleep.

Not so. You are fully conscious, alert and aware, more so than in your ordinary waking state.

2. You can be made to do what you don't want to do under hypnosis.

Not so. You are in complete control. You can deny any suggestion.

3. Hypnosis acts like a truth serum.

Not so. You do not reveal any information to the hypnotherapist that you do not want to reveal.

4. Weak-willed people are easiest to hypnotize.

Not so. In fact, strong-willed subjects may be the best subjects.

5. Hypnosis is dangerous.

Not so. It is a natural state that we fall into many times a day, like day-dreaming, reading, and watching TV. If hypnosis were dangerous, stage shows would have been made illegal many years ago.

6. You can get stuck in hypnosis.

Not so. There is no evidence whatsoever of anyone having stayed in a hypnotic state.

7. You will not remember anything.

Not so. You can recall, if needed, anything that occurred in the hypnotic state.

8. A hypnotherapist has strange powers.

Not so. Hypnotherapists have no power over the subject (see answer to previous misconceptions listed above).

9. Only a certain percentage of people can be hypnotized.

Not so. Anyone who can follow directions can be hypnotized if they want to be.


Often times when clients come in for one thing, something else is brought to surface in the hypnotic state they were not expecting or thought about in daily life. The mind is a powerful place, and we don't realize how much control and capability we have to heal and help ourselves live a fuller, better life.


My dad has been practicing hypnotherapy for over fifty years--in his college classes, for professional athletes, and now has his own practice where he has helped hundreds of clients. I learned closely from him, and recently got certified. 

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Image by Leslie Puett
Los Angeles, Calif.